No flavoring added in the tea, only natural

The mixtures are made by us, in our small workshop in Lherm, a small village south of Toulouse.

The teas come from different origins.
Each producing country has its specialty, we have selected teas from China, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

The leaves, flowers and fruits come from our family production from the Pyrenees.

There are no artificial flavors in our blends, that's not our philosophy.

But this is undoubtedly the particularity that differentiates us the most from most sellers of teas and herbal teas: there is no added flavoring, even natural, we do not add any not!
Why add an additional, transformed and visually invisible taste when you have the possibility of using nature and enjoying the real flavor?

So yes, our products may be less powerful than branded pods or sachets, but they are real!

Come and discover the true flavor of tea and herbal tea as we could taste them in the traditional way on the Asian continent.