Infusions without caffeine


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  • Rooibos

    Rooibos is a bush sometimes called red bush, originating from South Africa. This plant is used as an infusion after undergoing oxidation. This infusion is traditionally made in milk.

    Rooibos is used as a substitute for black tea because it does not contain theine and can therefore be consumed throughout the day, as well as by children.

    Plain rooibos can be infused in boiling water or boiling milk for 7 to 9 minutes.

    For our rooibos-based mixtures we advise you to infuse them at 90°C for 3 min.

  • Honeybush

    Like its counterpart rooibos, it is a bush from South Africa. It is sometimes called “honey bush”. Honeybush is oxidized in the sun after picking. This plant has a milder taste than rooibos, it is also more woody and sweet.

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