In contact with nature since childhood, it seemed normal to me to work in harmony with it. My goal is to help you rediscover the taste of plants and fruits without this being hidden by added aromas.
I therefore offer you blends of teas from different origins (India, China, Vietnam, etc.) with well-known plants (lavender, etc.) and others sometimes forgotten (monarda, etc.).

I studied in the agri-food sector in an agricultural high school. There I learned about hygiene and safety standards during the manufacturing of different products and the importance of the raw materials used for their creation. After my BTS I continued my studies in a professional license on food additives and their impact on health.
After that came the time to enter working life: I held several positions more or less in related to my studies and the idea of ​​starting my own business began to see the light of day. And here I am embarking on the adventure!

Why tea?

Since entering boarding school in second grade, I have gotten into the habit of drinking hot drinks and especially tea during evening studies. In BTS I started to take a closer interest in this drink: its compounds, its benefits... and it became a passion.

When I entered the world of work, I noticed how essential it was to take a few minutes of break to breathe. Often tea or coffee accompanies this moment. It’s a little time spent just for yourself without thinking about others, just five minutes. It’s a time to find yourself, take stock or simply clear your mind. This allows you to free yourself from external pressures to subsequently return to work with more serenity. Another occasion to drink tea: a moment of sharing and conviviality with friends or family, after an afternoon of shopping or a walk in the forest.

The shop

It is possible to order directly in store, this allows you to choose products that are currently not online.

You can find our opening hours directly on the Google page:
For reasons of practicality, we advise you tomake an appointment here before going to the store.

Here you will find the contact details for Château en Thé.

Le Château en Thé is located in Lherm, in Haute-Garonne (31), south of Toulouse, 15 minutes from Muret.

You can also order on the site and request Click & Collect to avoid paying shipping costs.